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Aviva – I hope you are reading this.


I dont usually do this, but I have decided to have a little Monday afternoon rant – this morning I was cold and now I am just angry/upset at how terrible Aviva customer service is.


Back in November I had a little stone chip my windscreen – nothing major and Aviva quickly put me onto Auto Windscreens who look after their windscreen repairs. They came out, fixed the chip and off they went. In the process – they left a small crack to the side of the dent which I was told was for the glue to enter the chip. I thought nothing off it.

Friday night comes and I am driving on the M25 to essex and I notice a huge crack across my windscreen – the initial chip had now turned into a full width crack!

So I called Aviva again and I am told the Reading department of Auto Windscreens will call me first thing Saturday (I am also told I will have to pay for new glas.. I dont think so!)… 4 phone calls made to Aviva later and late Saturday afternoon – I get a call from Head Office saying that the Reading branch wont be calling me anymore, they are closed. Hmph! But I will get a call on Monday morning (I wont hold my breath!)

Its now 17:29 on Monday afternoon, I have called twice already and got told they would get someone to call me “straight away”.. gues what? Still no call. I did ask to be put straight through to Reading but got told a polite… no! Their excuse? Reading branch are busy with other customers and cant help me right now.

Rant over – I understand they are busy, i just expect when I am told 3 or 4 times that I would “be called straight back” that they would do so. I just hope my windscreen doesn’t crack even more.

Shame on you aviva!

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34 Comments to

“Aviva – I hope you are reading this.”

  1. On February 2nd, 2010 at 9:51 am Becca Sibley Says:

    I am sorry that you’ve had so many issues trying to get this sorted. If you’d be happy to email me the details I will investigate and see what I can do.

    My email is and I am very definately listening and want to help if I can.


  2. On February 2nd, 2010 at 11:46 am admin Says:

    Thank you for your comment Becca – I will drop you an email now.

  3. On July 27th, 2010 at 8:29 am J Bennett Says:

    Oh My God

    Why on earth are Aviva using the services of Auto Windscreens they are absolutely appalling. I have been trying to get my windscreen replaced for over 5 days. Their systems were down for 5 days (I don’t think so) They now have a new system which guess what – they have lost all my details.
    No apology, no help whatsoever. They are unwilling to waive the excess on my policy and think that their service in all respects is fine!

    I will not be insuring with Aviva again purely because they use services (presumably cheap) that cannot deliver. You cannot speak to Aviva either. They are not interested – who would be in India! They just say this is not Avivas problem but refer me back to Auto Windscreens. Nick on 0800 389 8596 cannot help either with waiving the excess for “goodwill! This now has to be raised as a complaint and go to yet another department “Case managers”. No wonder these companies struggle they are worse than the civil service, for employing people with fancy job titles who appear to do nothing and have absolutely no authority. Seems the poor little dears walk around in a daze when “computer says no”!

  4. On July 27th, 2010 at 10:27 am admin Says:

    I think its the mix of Aviva and Auto Windscreens thats the problem, neither want to hold their hand up and take responsiblity! Try this guy, he helped me out after I complained and got it all fixed and sorted for me:

    Paul Tarpey
    Complaints Manager
    Aviva Insurance
    * RAC House, Thomas Street, Stretford, Manchester, M32 0HX
    ( 0800 015 2424
    0161 347 1634

  5. On August 24th, 2010 at 3:22 pm Zoe Says:

    I am having the most stressful two weeks of my entire life dealing with Aviva’s customer service department. They are the worst I have ever encountered in my life and all I am trying to do is prove my no claims bonus. I keep speaking to Diamond who are my previous insurers who keep telling me to get Aviva to call them. But Aviva refuse. And so my frustration continues as I go round and round in circles.
    If it wasn’t going to cost me so much I would cancel in a flash. I currently have three policies with Aviva. I am going to end these as soon as I possibly can as I never want to have to deal with Aviva again.

  6. On September 9th, 2010 at 9:29 am norman reay Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with J Bennett. I am experiencing exactly the same disgraceful customer service from Autowindscreen. On no less than three occasions an appointment was made with me to fit a new screen. On the first occasion the fitters brought the wrong one, on the second and third occasion the just didnt turn up and used the excuse that the screen that arrived at the depot was the wrong one and I would have to book another appointment. They explained that they would get someone to call me with an update on each occasion. This did not happen I have spent a considerable amount of time chasing them for an update. I have also been in touch with Aviva and like J Bennett was passed around fron department to department, no one will take ownership of the problem. Finally thanks to this web site I was able to ring the complaints department, a very understanding Georgina has taken ownership of the issue and has agreed to help resolve. Within thirty minutes of my complaint I received a call from Enterprise Hire offering a replacement vehicle whilst the windscreen was sourced from Jaguar. I have also received a commitment that I will receive an update call within 24 hrs. Hopefully this can now be fixed. I have three policies with Aviva and like J Bennett I wondered if I should renew them in October. Lets wait and see

  7. On September 9th, 2010 at 1:24 pm Kirsty Says:

    Thanks for putting some contact detail up to get directly through to the complaints manager, so might try gettting in touch with them that way and see if we get anywhere there.
    I am 21 and have finally got around to starting to learn to drive.
    So my husband has tried to get me onto the insurance so he called the relevant number up and got though to their call centre in India- they then asked all sorts of bazaar questions.
    They also turned around and said that I was too young to be legally allowed to learn to drive (which is ridiculous I have legally been allowed to learn to drive for four years!!!)
    then after convincing them that I was legally the age to drive they then wanted to know if I contributed to the running costs of the car (because according to them if I contributes to the running costs of the car I am is somehow more likely to have an accident?!?!).
    My husband finally got through this interrogation and they gave him a quote so he went to try to pay for it and they refused to accept any form of payment at all- just would not take any money from us at all!

    So we gave up and tried again the next day only to have to face the same interrogation in which they also decided to accuse my husband of trying to pull a fast one on them by claiming that they believed he was trying to add his daughter not his wife onto the insurance!
    (I know there is a 6 year age gap between us but that is just ridiculous!!!)

    We have now just had to give up entirely- just cant face calling them up again and we have made an official complaint through their system but as of yet we still have not heard anything back from them and at this rate I don’t think I will. Unless something spectacular occours i really don’t think we would renew with them!

  8. On November 3rd, 2010 at 9:57 am Glennis Snape Says:

    I have just gone on line to get my bank statement and was annoyed to find that Aviva have taken £486.00 out of my bank for a car renwal that I cancelled back in October. I have just spoken to customer services who have informed me it was their mistake and they have a record of my cancellation but informed me that it will take 5 working days to refund the money. The fact that my car insurance was due on 13th October and they took this money on the 2nd November doesn’t bear thinking about. When I told them this now puts me in the red in my bank they informed me they would have to see my bank statements before compensating this. More work for me, I’m not happy with this situation and as I have several policies with them I will not be renewing any of them!!!

  9. On December 3rd, 2010 at 12:19 pm Rebecca Lawrence Says:

    This is the email I am sending that shocking disgusting company Auto Windscreens. They are the worst incompetent company I have EVER had to deal with and Aviva are a disgrace for contracting them.

    I am writing with regards to the appauling service I have received from your company, AutoWindscreens.

    I am currently waiting for a second windscreen to be replaced, as the first one that you fit was faulty.

    I have been waiting for my second new windscreen for 3 weeks. The customer service advisors/rectification team do not call me back and when I do ring your company I am waiting 20 minutes plus to be spoken to so in the end have to give up.

    I was messed around no end on the fitting of the first new windscreen starting with my first phone call to your company around the 19th October, I booked an appointment for Sunday 24th October for my windscreen to be fitted. Around 8am your technician called to inform me that my new windscreen had been cracked on delivery to the warehouse. I then spent over an hour on the phone to your company trying to arrange a suitable appointment as all you had left was Tuesday 26th October at midnight. I found this ridiculous considering I was messed around on the Sunday that you did not prioritise my appointment. In the end I had no choice but to book for Thursday 28th October between 4-8pm and had to carry on commuting to work with a 20inch crack across my drivers view.

    On the day of the 28th I had a phone call and a voicemail left at approximately 10.30am from the technician to tell me he would be at my address in an hour to fit my new windscreen however I was at work and the appointment was not booked untill 4pm so I was baffled as to why he rang me telling me he was going to be at mine at 11.30am. When I rang him and explained he told me I was booked in for the morning, I stated there was no way I would have booked a morning appointment as I was at work and I work for British Airways, the car was parked in a secure car park and that he would not be able to get in and fit the new windscreen. I was then informed he may not be able to fit me in in the evening as originally scheduled. He also stated that he may not be at my home address until 5-6pm that evening and if he had to fit the new windscreen in the dark it would not be under guarantee which I was absolutely disgusted with and ended up having a dispute with your technician over the phone as to what time it got dark in the evening. There was no way it was being fitted without guarantee, especially with Autowindscreens reputation so far I was not having it.

    The technician turned up at 5pm and was still unsure whether it would be under guarantee as it was getting ‘a bit dark.’ I rang the customer service department and the gentlemen I spoke to, Lee, informed me he did not know where the technician got this information from as all windscreens were under guarantee regardless of what time of day it is fitted. I then went and fed back this information to the technician and his words were ‘oh really, they tell us technicians one thing and you the other!’ that was a very professional image I then received about your company! The technician fitted the windscreen in around 20 minutes after telling me it could take ’2 hours’ informed me it WAS under guarantee and the job was complete. I was very relieved, mainly because that was the end with Autowindscreens and I would not have to deal with the incompetent company again.

    However, this was not the case and I have had all the stress again with Autowindscreens because 2 weeks later on Thursday 11th November, the new windscreen that you fitted cracked. This time on the passenger side from the top around 5 inches. I noticed this around 4.30pm, called Autowindscreens ‘Customer Serivces’ and waited on hold for half an hour, no answer. I called back the next day and explained the situation. I was informed someone from the rectification team would call me back. No response so I had to call back on the Saturday 13th November. I was informed that the next available appointment to fit a new windscreen would be 26th or 27th of November so I opted for the Saturday 27th November. Only to get a voicemail on the evening of the 26th November to say ‘my windscreen had cracked on arrival to the warehouse’ this was the THIRD faulty windscreen apparently. Not that I can say I believed it, Autowindscreens are such an incompetent company, my guessing is someone forgot to order it or they do not have enough technicians. I do not believe a word they say. As this voicemail was left around 5pm (very clever for me not to call you back as you close!) I tried calling, again waited over half an hour no reponse. So I phoned back on the Saturday morning to AGAIN reschedule, and when I asked the question ‘does this happen often your windscreens cracking on delivery to the warehouse?’ the answer I recieved was ‘no very rarely.’ So why has this happened to me so many times? The customer service advisor was not able to give me a new date for a new fitting, he informed me someone would call me back on the Monday 29th November. Guess what? I am still waiting!

    I phoned your customer service department today and after waiting for half an hour to speak to someone, I was put through to Louise. Who may I add could not have been more unhelpful. I explained the situation to her and got put on hold again for a few minutes for her to tell me that the rectification team would call me back. I asked her how am I supposed to believe someone will call me back after waiting and waiting all the time for someone to call me? She said that when she asks the rectification team they do call her customers back. I asked will it be today? She said ‘yes’ and that I can take her word for it and then laughed down the phone. I am still waiting.

    I will not insure with Aviva again as I can not go through all of this with a windscreen company again, I do not feel valued as a customer with Aviva and I will happily take my money elsewhere. When my insurance policy runs out I will be looking elsewhere and will insure with whatever company DO NOT use autowindscreens.

    Autowindscreens has caused me nothing but stress, upset and anger the 2 and a half months I have had to deal with this incompetent company. It has been a nightmare since the first crack appeared on my windscreen. I have never ever experienced ‘service’ like it and quite frankly never want to again. You never look for solutions for the customer, I am still waiting for you to rectify a problem YOU made and I have been treated just terribly.

    I am in the process of contacting the consumer show regarding this situation.

    I look forward to your response, and maybe a phone call back with a date and a new uncracked windscreen would be nice?

  10. On January 12th, 2011 at 11:00 am Su Says:

    omg after reading this information I am slightly concerned how today may progress! I contacted AVIVA last Tuesday 4th January, who booked my replacement windscreen in for yesterday 11th January between 4-8pm. At the time I queried this as I thought it odd that a windscreen could be fitted in the dark but was re-assured by Kieran that it was fine “AutoWindscreens cater for this all the time”. However, my appointment has come and gone but no windscreen has yet been fitted – no surprise after reading this but of course the money has left my account!
    I too phoned yesterday & then again this morning early and been on hold for at least 20 minutes each time before giving up.
    AutoWindscreens did contact me this morning, after I sent a very unhappy text to them, and advised that they could not complete this job yesterday as the technician finishes at 5pm & ran out of time. I asked why no-one thought to contact me and inform me of this – I didn’t even get a reply to my question but was told that it was my fault to think that they could fit a screen in the dark!! Why my fault I didn’t make the promise????
    I have just spent another 15 minutes arguing with the unpleasant gentleman (I can not type anything other than that on here!) from Tonbridge AutoWindscreen and informed him that I expect my screen to be replaced today before 2pm as it was not myself that could not complete the job and that they have taken my money already so I expect the goods.
    We will see what happens but I am not hopeful after reading this blog!

  11. On January 13th, 2011 at 12:30 pm Pam Bonner Says:

    BE WARNED RAC direct insurance also use Autowindscreens. I have just started on what I am sure is going to be a long drawn out saga like so many mentioned here. Won’t go into details but they turned up on Jan 7th to replace my cracked windscreen and said sorry the replacement is broken. If this happens again I am going to demand to SEE the faulty one as now they can’t come until Jan 18th!

  12. On January 15th, 2011 at 11:18 am The (Redundant) Manager Says:

    Hi all

    I work for A W and agree customer service is bad at the moment as the top brass has closed numerous sites across the company and taken all the calls from local sites and are now directed to head office which explains the excesive call waiting times as they have also made staff redundant at head office. All glass has a 5 year workmanship warranty no matter what time of the day its fitted. Technicians do carry a halogen light on vans but with only having one can cause shadows while fitting so technicians will try to opt out of fitting a windscreen in the dark as its hard to glue the aperture when you can’t see the glue line and they then get penalised for fitting a leaking/incorrect screen. At the moment A W have many stock issues as the company can’t afford to pay glass suppliers so alot of the time glass doesn’t arrive with the technician so the easiest way out is to say it came broken which in some cases it does due to the nature of glass. Aviva actually own the RAC so the chances are if you take a policy out with the RAC you will be insured by Aviva.
    In all A W have some very good technicians and some lazy ones but has not been helped by having to work 57 hour weeks and having no bonus.
    How long A W will be in business is anyones guess.

  13. On January 20th, 2011 at 8:29 pm Alison Wray Says:

    My story all started on the 12th December 2010 when my windscreen cracked about 3inches i called my insurance Aviva then i was put on to Autowindscreens.I was told they would be out to me xmas eve fine, then on the 23rd December i had a call to say i had to rearrange the fitting. we made the next fitting date for the 27th December on the 27th i had a call to say the fitter was sick by witch time the crack was all the way across the screen and in my line of vision. The next fitting date was the 8th January 2011. Low and behold on the 7th January my Husband took the call to say Autowindscreens did not have the correct glass!! So he made the next fitting date for the 19th January but i could not make that date so i called them back after 2hours on hold i gave up!! Then on the 10th January i called again after 37mins on hold i spoke to someone and she got someone to call me back the man that called me back said they was never able to make any fitting dates as the glass was suspended from Seat its self. So he changed the glass type and said it could be fitted on the 15th January great!! On the 15th the fitter was on time with the glass BUT after fitting it i had a good look around it only to find he had scratched my car in two places and he had not put the wipers on properly. I then called them back and i was told that i would get my £75 access back and someone would be out today 20th January between 12 and 4pm to sort out the wipers and take pics of the scratches. Guess what no show so i called again an after 35 mins on hold i was told the department i need had gone home. In total over the last six weeks i have been on hold for Eight hours. WHAT A GREAT SERVICE!!!

  14. On January 26th, 2011 at 2:41 pm Aimee Says:

    I was just searching for a new car insurance policy and aviva came out cheapest but after reading this im totally put off. Should i be?

  15. On January 26th, 2011 at 3:25 pm miss edwards Says:

    I am writing to complain about the service I have received from Aviva, and the approved crash repair service I was advised to use by Aviva.
    I will begin with a brief explanation of why I came to use your service.
    On 7th December 2010, I was involved in a road traffic accident with one of Aviva’s insured drivers; he accepted liability and my car was put forward for repair. In making arrangements for my car to be repaired I was strongly advised to use your approved vehicle repair services, even though I had expressed wishes to use a garage of my choice.
    I made arrangements for my car to be booked into the Nationwide Crash repair centre, Blaisdon Way, Cheltenham GL51 0WH – (your approved repair service) and the car was fixed and returned to me on Friday 21st December.
    I did not drive the car straight away but extended my lease on the hire car until the following Monday 23rd January. On Monday, I returned from a trip to London and took the hire vehicle to the Enterprise hire company. I then used my car to attend an appointment in Cinderford in the Forest of Dean. As soon as I started driving the car I noticed that the clutch was very stiff, I assumed that this was because of the repairs made to my car.
    As I was just arriving at my destination travel along a main road, when I slowed down to indicate and turn into my destination. The car suddenly felt as if something had fallen out from underneath as I felt the rear of the vehicle dipping as I tried to drive forwards. Both of the cars back wheels locked and completely jammed. I was in the middle of the road part way through some temporary traffic lights but was having to rev the car to get it to go forward, causing a high pitch noise and skid marks along he pavement, I managed to get the car to go a few metres forward so that it was off of the road and out of the way of oncoming traffic, which was very frightening.
    At 1.45pm I called the Nationwide crash repair centre to advise them that there appeared to be a major fault with my car.
    During several conversations with the staff I was told that I may be liable for the cost of the recovery of my car if it was not crash related and not once asked if I was ok. I spoke to a number of different staff, and stressed that I needed to be able to get home but that my car was immobile due to the fault. I was told that they could get my car collected by 5pm and that they would arrange for a courtesy car to be delivered. Eventually I spoke to someone who was more willing to assist me but he said that my car would not be collected until 7pm, in addition I was told a courtesy car could not be arranged as the hire company did not have one available- I checked this with the hire company and was told they had left the request so late that the courtesy company had no one to drive the car to Cinderford- despite being told about my issue at 1.45, they did not attempt to arrange a car until 5.50pm. When I explained what had happened I was told that no mechanical works had been done to my car even though I explained that my clutch felt completely different to how it did before I gave the car over to the repair centre.
    I tried several times to contact someone at Aviva but to no avail, In addition Nationwide said that they would attempt to make contact with Aviva but said they were unsuccessful as there was a “25 minute wait”.
    I have been on the phone from 9am this morning trying to make contact with someone at Aviva, I spoken to around 11 different people- from operators to managers of various different departments on several different numbers of which were provided by Aviva staff -Names of which I am happy to provide. I left work at 5.45pm, and the situation remains unresolved.
    There is a serious lack of customer service, aftercare and knowledge about which departments are responsible for what, in addition, I found some of the staff to be rude and unable to manage a simple request to speak to a manager. Having had to explain my story to practically all of the above mentioned staff, I have decided that a complaint to highlight my experience, concerns and dissatisfaction is warranted.
    Above all, I am frustrated and quite disgusted at the level of capability of the Aviva staff in particular, considering the fact that the company boasts being the largest insurance company the country you’d think that they would have been able to manage my query with relative ease and respond effectively, instead I have been left to find a manager who can advise me on what should happen, this is unacceptable considering the seriousness of what has happened.
    I am not satisfied that the necessary and standard checks were done before my car was given back to me, as far as I am concerned, there are serious failings on Aviva’s part and this situation could have been much worse had had this happened whilst travelling at a greater speed or even worse, had I been on the motorway. I would like to know what (if any) follow up checks by an Aviva, had or should have been done before the car was delivered back to me. As mentioned above I was told by staff that the car had not had any mechanical works done to it, however, this does not appear to be correct as I immediately noticed that my clutch had been interfered with.
    This morning at 9.30am I spoke to a customer advisor, after explaining the situation to him I asked to speak to manager, he initially refused stating that for Data protection reasons he would not pass my call to a manager, after arguing with me he gave the call to the- Technical manager, who (once I had explained the situation) advised me that he would look into the matter and that he would ensure that someone would call me back- neither of the two assurances he made happened and Nationwide crash repair centre advised me that they had not heard from Aviva either.
    One of my other concerns is that I was advised by the technical manager that a “field engineer” would inspect what had happened and report on what needed to be done. This has not happened, Nationwide crash repair centre have now taken the car apart and have reported that the damage is not “crash related”. I am not convinced that this is correct since the issue is on the same side where the initial damage to the vehicle occurred and where they have subsequently repaired. If the correct procedure had been followed then the field engineer would have been able to ascertain the cause of the damage and I would feel much more confident that the proper checks had been done, but instead I am now extremely concerned that my car may develop a further fault, I also do not have any paperwork to assure me that the full and necessary safety checks have been done, Nationwide are now wanting to make negotiations with me to return the car.
    I have now had to compose this letter to highlight some serious failings, I really feel as if I have been treated poorly, the nature of what Aviva do is such that safety should be paramount; I could have ended up in another accident due to Aviva/Nationwide’s negligence and I am still no clearer as to whether my car is now ok for me to drive.
    I have started seeking legal advice following what I was told by the Nationwide crash repair centre.
    I will be sending this letter to the managing director of Aviva as well as the company I will be taking legal advice from.

  16. On February 11th, 2011 at 7:24 pm indie Says:

    Have been reading this with great interest, do you know the Aviva glass claims department is based in the same head office as Autowindscreens, also if a specialist, professional indipendant windscreen replacement company contacts them for authorisation to repair/replace your windscreen in a safe and timely manner, they are given a price so low that most cannot do the work as it should be done.

    They will not pay for clips or trims, and will also not allow a company to fit a geniune windscreen as was fitted in the vehicle originally.

    In my opinion and with 22 years experience in this trade i find it shamefull, that a comany as large as Aviva is destroying our industry and not doing the right thing by its customers.

  17. On February 12th, 2011 at 1:14 am Glasstec_Paul Says:

    There are many competent and qualified glazing technicians working for reputable businesses in the UK, but Aviva do not recognise them as ‘approved’ repairers despite many of them being ‘approved’ by car main dealers; qualified via IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry or having received rave reviews from their previous customers. Auto Windscreens are Aviva’s approved / nominated / preferred supplier who, between the two companies’ alliance, will allow the smaller company to submit an invoice, just as long as they – Aviva and Auto Windscreens – can control and dictate the pricing.

    On the whole, the prices quoted by this arrangement makes the prospect of invoicing Aviva, for getting the policyholder out of a sticky situation, an unattractive proposition as the amounts quoted fall way short of a fair price.

    As a policyholder, you may prefer to use a company of your own choosing, or one that comes recommended via a trusted source; it may even be a scenario whereby your local windscreen company can attend in a timely manner and much sooner than the week/two weeks/three weeks lead times given by Aviva’s preferred supplier, but it will mean that the third party repairer may think twice about the proposition if there is little or no financial benefit for doing so. Many will oblige because they’re good guys (or let’s be honest, hungry for the work) but I can assure you that providing a professionally fitted windscreen service for 20-quid-a-go is not my idea of a fair reward.

    Insurance companies should take a look at what the policyholder’s needs are and perhaps even take some views of the people they’re overlooking. The Automotive Glaziers Guild is a good place to find some of those ‘overlooked’ service providers.

  18. On February 14th, 2011 at 8:19 pm faceless bob Says:

    Well Auto Windscreens are in administration now …

  19. On February 23rd, 2011 at 10:18 am Keith Morris Says:

    I accepted a quote from Aviva for car insurance on 07- 01-11,paying by C/C.

    Despite one verbal reminder,4emails (unanswered) and one letter addressed to Paul Tarpey personally (again unanswered!) I have still not received the documentation which permits the driving of the vehicle (the Cover Note expired on 04-02-11).

    Have anybody else had this problem with Aviva and if so whst did they do to rectify it —short of going to the Ombudsman

    Aviva?!?! —NEVER EVER AGAIN—–and this is from a man born and brought up in Norwich!!!!

  20. On March 9th, 2011 at 12:26 am Pedro Phile Says:

    Well I think they are ace…great pension/bonus scheme and free hot chocolate in the office…bliss.

  21. On March 27th, 2011 at 10:04 am Eddie123 Says:


    I was involved in a non fault accident on the 17 October 2007 with a company that is insured with AVIVA, I suffered quite badly with whiplash, becuase their drive did not stop at the traffic lights and rammed into the back of me, now I am virtually, unemployable. I got a very nic letter from AVIVA, staing that they ave accepted full responcibility for their driver and would do everything to help me back to normality, Great I thought, wrong thing to think, this is now 42 months and AVIVA are still paying solicitors to defend a case that they have allready addmited liability for,
    My big question is, why defend a case for so long paying expensive solicitors fees, when they could have came to a amicble negotiation for settelment with my solicitors, don’t forget they have already addmitted liability??? They might hope that the longer it is drawn out the less they will have to pay, their victims, and keep the fat-cat solicitors in comfort, good company policy, quick to take the insurance fee, but slow to pay up… Great keep victims as victims
    Think twice about AVIVA

  22. On March 28th, 2011 at 11:32 am mark Says:

    i am having same problem with getting my ncd sorted because they only state 5 years or more , my new insurance want 9 years or more which i have but its been a lot of trouble getting this in writing off avivia , even had one of there staff hang up on me , because they could not sort it out.
    terrible still trying to sort it now

  23. On March 28th, 2011 at 4:19 pm Theresa Clery Says:

    You ring a Dublin telephone number and hey presto! you get through to India!!!!!!!!!!! Never again. language problem, different culture, and they never return calls, so forget it. What should take only 1 phone call and already taken 5 today and still getting nowhere I WILL NOT be renewing with this crowd.

  24. On April 12th, 2011 at 6:14 pm Letitia Mullen Says:

    I too am having problems with Aviva, Customer Services, in fact Aviva in general. I cannot believe just how bad this organisation is. I am lost for words. When eventually my issues are resolve, I’m sure I will find the words to describe this travesty. If Aviva was a TV series it would be Fawlty Towers for sure. Thanks for the the info. Its been really helpful. Oh, and I will not being renewing my car policy with Aviva

  25. On June 4th, 2011 at 9:47 am R W PAGET Says:

    the customer sevices at aviva are non exisitnant and also based in inner monglia cannot understand a thing they say will not be re hurs dnewing any of my insurances with aviva every agian.
    Thursday 2nd may two and a half hur phone call to put right a fault that was aviva fault in the first place nd they wanted to charge me 70 pound for two lettere for admin purposes GOOD BYE AVIVA

  26. On June 13th, 2011 at 11:10 pm Scorch90 Says:

    I’m on my mother’s insurance and renewing is supposedly cheaper as they give you a 20% discount but so far, I’ve hit nothing but dead ends with either no options that resemble anything to do with renewing. The fast track method does’nt help either as it keeps spewing out error the 2 sets of details do not match even though they match when using the “user name and password” method and as everyone has also said about the phone and complaints service, they are of absolute use to no one whatsoever. I just hope my mother see’s sense and gets insurance with someone else because I do not fany paying more then I should have to for not renewing on time, even though I’ve tried in advance….

  27. On July 11th, 2011 at 5:43 pm Bill Shaw Says:

    Aviva’s call centre in India has cocked up my policy 12 times this year. They are unbelievably incompetent and in spite of going through everything with them 2 or three times per phone call to make sure they understand what they are being asked to do, they still get it wrong.
    I have had my car insured in my wife’s name with me taken off the policy, insured with the wrong registration number, insured in my wife’s name only again with me taken off the policy again so that I have driven round in an uninsured car for weeks blissfully unaware, they have transposed my 2 vehicle’s details from one policy to the other and then mixed the registration details up again.
    They have done all these things several times each.
    Now they appear to have taken my e-mail address off the computer as it is apparently not registered on your system yet I have e-mails in my inbox from them.

  28. On August 2nd, 2011 at 5:01 pm sharmila chowdhury Says:

    My parents have been insured with Aviva and as dad has not been well, I have been sorting out their insurance for them with Aviva. Basically mum ran into a neighbour’s garage. Not much damage to the car but huge damage to the garage – modern Buildings !!
    The car got sorted no problem.
    However, getting the garage sorted even though Aviva have agreed to the costs has been a nightmare !!
    As advised, I faxed 2 quotes to Aviva.
    Next day, Friday, I enquired if they had received this as we were/are being placed under extreme stress by the neighbours and wanted reassurance that things would soon be sorted. However, I was advised that it goes to a fax department who scan the paperwork which can take up to 48 hours. So, if I could call back the following Monday. Called on Monday. Was advised still not on the system, despite rechecking the correct fax number. Please could I call back on Tuesday. I was cross. So, Aviva then gave an e-mail address where I could scan the quotes and send to them. This I did.
    I called Aviva again today. I was advised they hadn’t received the quotes despite sending fax and e-mails. I was asked could I ring again tomorrow as the scanned documents would need to be scanned which can take 24/48 hours and put on the system. Meanwhile the faxed documents sent 5 days ago are still not on the system. I was furious.
    The staff member then gave me his e-mail address and asked me to resend the scanned documents. I have now asked them to call me on receipt. Guess what – no calls !! However, I have now received e-mail from customer service to say they cannot locate the claim number. Please can I give the registration numbe of the car.

    It’s an appalling service. This is without taking into account lengthy delays on the phone, not recognising the claim numbers, having to repeatedly give the registration number, but then subsequently I am informed it is the correct claim number on each occasion, go through all the security questions despite my father authorising over the phone that he is happy for me sort it on his behalf and they have twice said they would note that. He has just returned from the hospital after an heart attack.

    The way things are it’ll be me with a heart attack.

  29. On August 3rd, 2011 at 8:05 pm jane pook Says:

    guess what i’m having the same problem with getting ncd proof from aviva started the process 18th july now they wont even reply to my emails etc very bed

  30. On September 1st, 2011 at 6:50 pm Mrs Dyer Says:

    Aviva’s customer service is appalling!!! I am still trying to sort out my NCD with them. As i was previously insured for years with them thought it would be easy to insure my new car with them.
    HOW WRONG WAS I!!!!!! I have had letters asking for proof of my NCD from them and because i have not sent them the documentation, which they have on there records anyway, they have now taken £49.00 out of my account today and taken away my NCD.
    Disgusting doesn’t even come close as to how i feel. I’m not phoning there awful advisors who you cannot understand.
    I am gtoing to take this to the FSA and if necessary the Chief CEO.
    They cannot continue with this appalling service. Very, very second rate.

  31. On November 11th, 2011 at 2:03 pm JASON C Says:

    I have just cancelled the renewal with Aviva – well at least I hope I have !
    I told the Indian call centre that I would not be taking the renewal out with them and then got a script read to me that I needed to return the renewal documents at my cost ! Since when is a renewal schedule the same as a policy certificate ? Why is it necessary ? If you destroy the paperwork no harm done if you try and use the paperwork fraudulently the database will show if you have a valid policy or not, yet another con from Aviva to try and keep you and bill you for cancellation if you are tardy at renewal time ! Shame on you for this devious practice – one for the ombudsman to stamp out !

  32. On January 10th, 2012 at 1:18 am Sarah Hill Says:

    You should switch to Allstate!

  33. On January 23rd, 2012 at 12:35 am Paul Parvin Says:

    All of these comments are chicken feed compared to my experiance of Aviva. It took them THREE YEARS to decide to write off my comercial vehicle and I am still waiting to be paid out in full FOUR YEARS later.Aviva are little more than gangsters in pin stripe suits. For more about my experience of Aviva simply google my name and read the press reports.

  34. On January 26th, 2012 at 9:36 pm mike clark Says:

    I have only one thing to say here, with all that’s going on in the economy nhow in the hell is Aviva car insurance being allowed to continue to trade with the number of complaints against them. It’s a disgrace that this country is allowing this disfunctional business to continue running, due to the size and employment numbers the owners / CEO / MD’s / major share holds should be force to resign/ sell out. Before being dragged through the legal system for gross negligence

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